Monday, April 07, 2008

KVM Forum 2008 Call For Presentations

This is the Call for Presentations for the second annual KVM Developer's Forum, to be held on June 10-13, 2008, in Napa, California, USA [1]. We are looking for presentations on KVM development, quality assurance, management, security, interoperability, architecture support, and interesting use cases. Presentations are 50 minutes in length; there are also 25-minute mini-presentation slots available.

KVM Forum presentations are an excellent way to inform the KVM development community about your work, and to gather valuable feedback about your approach.

Please send your presentation proposal to the KVM Forum 2008 Content Committee at by April 20th.

KVM Forum 2008 Content Committee:

  • Dor Laor
  • Anthony Liguori
  • Avi Kivity


On a personal note, I found KVM Forum 2007 to be one of the best run conferences I've attended. The facilities were great and each talk was interesting. There was a great deal of discussion during each talk. Definitely worth the trip.