Monday, November 05, 2007

CIM support for KVM and Xen

As announced on the libvirt list today:
This is the announcement of a new open-source project called libvirt-cim based on libvirt and aiming at offering the complete functionality of libvirt via a CIM provider implementing the DMTF SVPC virtualization model and released under an LGPL licence. A CIM [1] provider is an implementation of a set of standardized interfaces (Common Information Model) whose goal are to provide well defined entry points allowing easier and interoperable management tools to be built. In the case of libvirt-cim, the goal is of course to export the SVPC virtualization model, which then can be used to manage storage, hosts and domains remotely.
Since this new CIM provider is based on libvirt, it supports QEMU, KVM, Xen, and potentially much more. The provider is already quite functional and was developed at IBM by Dan Smith, Jay Gagnon, and Heidi Eckhart. See the announcement for more information. Update: For clarification, the CIM provider only supports Xen today but it should very easy to add support for the other VMMs supported by libvirt.